We are a multi-disciplined group of digital professionals who are passionate about creating new AI experiences for you

youai means

friendship, and let that be the first feature that binds us. As a band of former colleagues with a background in Strategy Consulting, Data Science and Start-up Innovation, we believe our friendly vibe contributes to more daring and creative ideas. Maintaining this open mindset remains at the top of our core beliefs and flows through every collaboration we tie on to.

We believe artificial intelligence is a natural fit for enhancing creative expression. Which brings us to the you in youai! Your obstacle may be bold, crazy, undefined, impossible, or even slightly humdrum. We are here to tackle it together with you. Our mission is to create systems that encourage creativity and to shake up the art scene together with you.

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You and AI

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We bring art to life using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Just like our brain, AI processes and learns from input from the outside world. More specifically, AI uses algorithms that read recorded data to learn patterns in that data, which it captures in a model. This is also called machine learning. Depending on the purpose of the model, specific algorithms are used.

Youai uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) algorithms consisting of two separate neural network algorithms that compete to keep the characteristics of their specific data as much intact as possible.

As a result the different sets of data blend. In the example image this translates to keeping hold of the persons dynamic facial expressions while still maintaining the appearance of the static Luther painting.